Top 7 Highest Paying Fashion Degrees [Solved]

For more education-related information you may also visit, What Degree do you need to be a Zookeeper

For more education-related information you may also visit, What Degree do you need to be a Zookeeper

Highest Paying Fashion Degrees that will help you to enter the fashion industry!

Following are the Highest Paying Fashion Degrees that will help you to enter the fashion industry

1. Bachelors in Interior Design

Set Decorator

Set Decorators are the people who design the area where the shoot is going to take place. Set decorators generally got a script before designing the set. This helps in understanding what the client wants. As a set decorator, you may also create some set designs for museums or stage shows. The average annual salary of a Set Decorator is $104,000.

Interior Designer

Interior designers are the people who are liable for designing the interior of a particular area. If you want to be an interior designer, then you will be responsible to sketch design plans for your client. Remember each client has a different budget. So you must have the ability to design according to their budget. Also, you need to give a timeline to your customer, in which you can complete the given project. The average annual salary of an Interior Designer is $57,040.

2. Bachelors in the computer science field

Fashion Technology

Fashion technology is a growing field in the world of the Fashion Industry. To enter this field you need to know new techniques like graphic designing. Also, various software is used to analyze the customers preferences. You must be aware of such software and also you should be able to build up new applications for the fashion industry. The average annual salary in fashion technology is $98,000.

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3. Bachelors degree in Journalism, advertising, or Communication

Fashion Journalism

If you are one of those who loves to write, fashion journalism is the right path for your career. You may be required to write about the latest trends in clothing, accessories, etc for different media platforms. Fashion journalism could land you a seat at big fashion events in the world. The average salary of a Fashion Journalist is $63,000.

Fashion Advertisement

Advertisement is a crucial aspect of a business. If you want to enter the fashion industry, you may use your advertisement skills to become an advertising specialist in the fashion industry. As a beginner, you may work as a copywriter. As this job is based on team efforts, you must have interpersonal skills. The average salary for a Fashion advertising professional is $68,000.

Creative Designing

Creative designing is the field where you need to create labels for the company. Creative Designer is the biggest creative position in the field of fashion. As a creative designer, you need to define the companys vision. Another duty of yours is to coordinate with the managers of other departments in the company. The average salary of a creative designer is $85,255 $75,810

4. Bachelors degree in Fashion Designing

Fashion Designer

As a fashion designer, your main responsibility would be to create your original clothes, shoes, etc. You may work only for yourself or you may design clothes for big companies. You will also be in coordination with your team members and with the head of other team members as well. The average salary of a Fashion Designer is $75,810.

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highest paying fashion degrees

5. Bachelors degree in Fashion Merchandising

Merchandising Manager

As a merchandising manager, you need to decide the stock price of the product. Also, you need to decide how the product will be presented in the retail stores. The main responsibility of you is to maintain the stores visual appearance. You may also need to research to get the customer data. This will guide you to understanding where to buy products from the retail stores. The average annual salary of a Merchandising Manager is $65,376.

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Market Researcher

As a market researcher, you need to analyze the current market trends. Each buyer has his/her demand. It is crucial to know the taste of the customer to get sales for the product. Therefore, you need to identify in-style colours and styles for your region. The average annual salary of a Market Researcher is $42,000.

6. Bachelor of Business Administration

Brand Manager

As a Brand Manager, your key responsibility is to coordinate with the marketing manager and build the name of your product within the marketplace. You will be in charge of creating strategies for product promotions. Brand management involves multi-tasking at each point in time. You would also deal with all public relations work from promotion to any publishing work. The average annual salary of a Brand Manager is $63,000.

Product Manager

Product managers are responsible for the production process of the product. They work with the factory production cycles and also are responsible for maintaining the cost of producing the product. As a product manager, you will be in charge of bringing the ideas or the designs of the product to life. The average annual salary of a Product Manager is $87,000.

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7. Bachelors in Photography

Fashion Photographers

Fashion Photography is one of the leading fields in the fashion industry. Fashion photography has always changed with the change in time and trends. Being a fashion photographer means you not only need to take a perfect photograph but also need to check the clothing, accessories, make-up, etc of the models. There are various big magazines like Vogue, Marie Clarie, etc who hire special fashion photographers for their magazines. The average annual salary of a Fashion Photographer is $44,689.


The fashion industry is the one, which is always expanding. Highest Paying Fashion Degrees for passionate fashion lovers who want to build up their career in it, there are countless opportunities for you. Although you may need the experience to enter this industry, it is equivalently important to have the required degree. This article has the list of Highest Paying Fashion Degrees you need to enter different fields in the fashion industry.

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