VITA Med School [Solved]

VITA Med School interviews invite selected students to apply for the med school. VITA stands for video tools for admission for the students who are completing pre-med school and want to apply for entering med school. Making interview videos for further admission creates many problems for the students as some students hesitate. This article will guide you all about the vita interview and how it works.

What does VITA mean in med school

In vita, the student has to make an 18-minute video in which they need to answer 6 questions i.e the student has to explain the answer for at least 3 minutes for each the video, there is no presence of any audience. The student is invited to record the video for becoming a physician. and this video is sent to all the medical schools to which the student wants to apply and the video is sent without any editing.

How does VITA work

As the students are invited to give an interview. So the student does not need to apply for registration. The student has to make a video of 18 minutes answering the 6 questions by the interviewer and the student should make the video in which the face is visible to the interviewer with a clear voice without any disturbance. the following are some compulsory steps:

  • The student is invited for the interview by email.
  • The deadline is being given to the student for completing the making of the vita interview.
  • When the student has completed the video and sent it to the link after that only the video is available to schools.
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What is formatting needed for the VITA interview VITA Med School

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The following are some steps that are needed for formatting the VITA interview.

  • It includes a 3-minute introductory video before starting to answer the interview questions.
  • The interview is going to ask 6 questions that may be related to the following topic:
  • The adaptability of the student.
  • Reliability and dependability of the students.
  • The culture in which the student has been practiced.
  • The teamwork being performed.
  • The journey of the student in completing medical school studies.
  • They should take 60 seconds to read the question asked by the interviewee and try to complete the answer for each question taking a maximum of 3 minutes.
  • The student is allowed to complete the video in as many sittings but they have to complete the video before the deadline given by the interviewer. Some students can complete the answer in one sitting. the student is allowed to take a break between the questions for as long as they want.

What is being tested during the VITA video by the interviewer

  • The students are generally asked to explain their journey throughout medical school and share all the experiences from which they have learned some lessons in their life.
  • One question is asked based on a situation that is being created by the interview to check the level of knowledge of the student.
  • Describe the previous experience based on any rejection and what was the behavior of the student in that situation. how they have faced rejection and what is being learned from that rejection.
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What are dates and timelines common for VITA interviews

  • The medical school selects the time for the vita interview starting in July when they are used to sending invites to complete the AAMC(Association of American medical colleges) VITA interview.
  • The invitation is sent through email by the interviewer that is sent every Thursday beginning from august and ends on April 30.
  • The reminder is also being sent by email to those students who have not sent the VITA interview video by the interviewer between August and April.

Can VITA take multiple times for the students

No VITA interview video when it is completed and sent cannot be allowed to complete the interview again for a particular school and the video responses will be shared with any schools which will select the student.

When can the applicant complete the VITA interview

The making of the VITA interview video is allowed to be open by August 6 and ends on 30 April At 11.59 pm. The student is required to complete the interview within the dates i.e maximum of 2 weeks after that the video link will be disabled to send the video. The student has to deal with all the consequences of not uploading the video on time.

Who creates the video question that is being asked in the interview

The medical school does not own the video that is made by the student. The whole procedure is maintained and looked at by AAMC. The AAMC makes sure that all the students are given the same level of difficulty and that the target is kept the same for all the students. The questioning in the video interview starts with the same question i.e explaining the candidates journey and to the last question, all the questions need to be in the same sequence.

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VITAs interview for entering the med school makes clear their student knowledge, level of understanding, how to deal with different situations, and confidence level of the student while giving the interview to AAMC (the association of American medical colleges).

This post is last updated on at Date : 1st of September – 2022