What does the candle symbolize in this excerpt from leo tolstoys the death of ivan ilyichwhen i am not, what will there be [Solved]

What does the candle symbolize on this excerpt from leo tolstoys the demise of ivan ilyich when im not, whats going to there be there will likely be nothing. then the place shall i be when im no extra can this be dying no, i do not wish to! he jumped up and tried to mild the candle, felt for it with trembling fingers, dropped candle and candlestick on the ground, and fell again on his pillow. a. ivan ilyichs shallow life-style b. ivan ilyichs troubled conscience c. ivan ilyichs murky previous d. ivan ilyichs approaching demise

Reply -D Clarification:Hes feeling depressed and feeling suicidal moods, so he decides to bounce and lightweight the candle which is an emblem for demise, however can be ironic as a result of mild usually means happiness however on this case its used as a double entantdre.

The reply is D. Ivan Ilyichs approaching demise. His life is burning out, he tries to mild the candle however fails, hes slowly dying and solely fell again into the pillow, he cant escape demise.

The candle symbolize within the above excerpt from Leo Tolstoys The Dying of Ivan Ilyich is demise. Possibility D Clarification: Leo Tolstoy was the best Russian author and writer of all time. Its thought-about that he is having secret a singular approach of writing. In his work, The demise of Ivan Ilyich he used the picture of darkish and lightweight. He referred the candle to represent his imminent demise of Ivan within the story. Ivan was sick for a protracted and his life is approaching demise as quickly as potential. On this line, he defined concerning the view of life and demise. Within the darkness, there was large ache as a result of sickness. So he tried to mild the candle because it extinguishes in order his life. Thus he may be actually free from the ache and he tried to mild the candle up. He failed and saved on falling into the darkness once more. Additionally, theres the true essence of sunshine within the candlelight. Thats theres a mild after demise since his life within the bodily world has ended. That, in flip, leads a path in the direction of the Religious world.

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