What happened to vside! [Solved]

Does anyone know what happened or when vside will be working again cuz i havent been able to go on it and the site doesnt work

thats what ive been wondering go on the forum and check out what there saying. today i wanted to download it again and make a new account but it just kept showing me the same homepage ;(
they say smoeone bought it. so new owners and there working on the sight

ExitReality really ran vSide into the ground. You see, Doppelganger, Inc. used to own vSide, and in 2009, they disbanded as a company and sold vSide and all of their assets to ExitReality. Unfortunately, ExitReality did not maintain smooth operation of the game and at one point, vSide was down for an extended period of time and users lost interest. When you log on to vSide today, its like a ghost town; its almost completely empty. You may come across a few users every now and then, but nowadays there is usually no more than 15-18 people using vSide. Its really a shame. This was a revolutionary thing that couldve continued to grow, but the owners really screwed up. In my opinion, they should sell vSide to a company that actually gives a damn.

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