What happens at College Party 8 Types of Parties in College [Solved]

For more such education-related articles, you may also glance through, What number of college students are non-drinkers

For more such education-related articles, you may also glance through, What number of college students are non-drinkers

What happens at College Party

College parties are the best part of college. You have a lot of fun in it. You dance, play games, and do a lot of fun activities during party time. Many students use this opportunity to make many new friends and increase their networks. The best part is that no one is there to judge you. This party helps you to enjoy yourself without joining any type of club or greek group. You will get a lot of food, loud music, alcohol, etc. There is also no compulsion to take alcohol. Remember these parties are for having fun and not to get any stress. So enjoy it as much as you can.

Types of parties in different colleges

Here are the different types of college parties that you will want to know about-

Theme Party

This is one of the common parties that you will find in your college times. There will be a proper theme that you need to follow. It can be a beach theme or some horror theme. Theme parties are one of the most interesting parties as you have to arrange costumes according to the theme.

College organization parties

Many times you will find parties that are organized and supervised by the organizations that are involved in colleges. These parties can be organized by any type of organization from academic to social organizations. These parties are a great way for the freshers to get engaged with various new and old students.

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Tailgate Party

You have watched this type of party many times in various movies, where two major opposite college football teams play with each other. People party it up wearing sporting team colors. They park their vehicles in a sizable outdoor area of a stadium. At this kind of celebration, you will likely find a lot of food, drink, activities, and cheering. This is one of the occasions where day drinking is permissible.

House parties

As the name suggests these parties are held at the residence of one of the students, where almost everyone is invited. You will dance, play games, flirt, take drinks, etc at these parties.

Frat Parties

They are usually organized by different fraternities. There are various types of fraternity groups depending on 2 main types of fraternities groups Academic and Non-Academic. Frat parties can be organized by any fraternity group. It usually involves drinks, food, music, dance, etc. Do proper research before joining any fraternity group and going to any frat party.

Dorm Party

These parties are done in a small amount of space. You need to keep a check on yourself as you would not want to get into the eyes of the other students or the people. Everything that you do at this party, is done in a small space.

Partying is the way for you to get refreshed from all the college stress and academic problems. There will be a very less number of students who would not love to enjoy the parties during their college time. College parties help you to socialize with other students and people. There are different types of parties that you will see during your college time. Want to know more about partying in college Here you will get to know what you will get at these parties and what are the different parties that you see, during your college time.

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Ouija Board Parties

These parties are usually organized during Halloween time. At this party, the main attention of the party is playing Ouija Board Party. However, no one will put pressure on you to play this game. If you are playing this game then dont react in a hurry. This is because there are high chances that someone may try to scare you.

Sorority and Fraternity rush parties

If you have joined a sorority or fraternity, you are likely to attend their rush parties. At such types of parties, you will find activities like dancing, singing, etc to take part in. You will also get food and music in it. This is again the best way, especially for the students who are in their freshman year to make new friends and increase their networks.

What should you take care of while attending these parties

Although attending parties are a fun way of enjoying college time, there are things that you must take care of

  • Do not overdrink alcohol. This is because many students may make use of your situation and put you in trouble. You must know your limit while taking alcohol.
  • Try to make your drinks by yourself. If someone else is making a drink for you, then keep a check on them.
  • You must always go to parties with your group of most trusted friends. This will aid you to get safe from any wrong situation.
  • If you are going alone, then give a regular update to the friend you trust the most. Tell them about how you are and when you will reach there. Tell them if you are drinking or not
  • Always charge your mobile fully before going to the party. This will help you to make emergency calls if needed.
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College parties are a fun way to relax and enjoy your college time. There are so many activities and things that you find during a college party. You will enjoy drinks, high music, dance, etc at these parties. Attending a college party is the best way to make new friends and also to increase your network. There are different types of parties that you get to attend in your college time. Though you get a lot of fun during college parties, you must take care while attending them. Do not trust others easily and try to go with a group of your friends, so that you do not get into any kind of trouble.

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