What is a series of musical notes that have been strung together [Solved]


I would say melody as melodies can have very simple rhythms and there is no mention in the question of what the rhythms are like. Then wording of stung together i think hints towards it being melody as notes by themselves are just pitches but if you put them together one after the other, they create a melody (whether it be a good OR bad one!!!)

My first thoughts were phrase, or possibly scale, neither of which are in your choice of answers. There is only one possible answer as pitch means low high or low the note sounds, dynamics is about loud and soft, rhythm is about the counting pattern. That leaves only one choice left. If you were listening in class, you should have known all this.

This is an extremely easy question Do your homework. Wed prefer if you did so alone. You couldnt even format it into a paragraph to POSSIBLY convince SOMEONE that it wasnt homework related ._.


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