What is Edtech- Benefits, Drawbacks, and Examples [Solved]

What is Edtech Online education has become one of the growing industries. Edtech has emerged Edtech to a great extent. There is rapid growth in the Edtech sector as well. It refers to any technology that helps you to learn online. Edtech has given a lot of benefits to the education sector. It has helped the students to learn new skills. Though many people consider Edtech and Elearning similar, you must know that there is a difference between them. They are not the same and support each other. Thus to know more about Edtech and what are the benefits and drawbacks of it, you can go through this article.

What is Edtech

Edtech or educational technology refers to the business of firms that produce educational technology. In order to support learning, Edtech brings computer technology, educational theory, and its practice together. To promote more interactive, inclusive, and personalized learning experiences, it is a practice to use information and communication technology resources in the classroom. You can conclude that it is a branch of digital technology where educational technologies are created and used to advance education.

What is the difference between Edtech and Elearning

It is very simple to differentiate between E-learning and Edtech. You can differentiate both by their names as well. E-learning includes the word learning which means that you are learning something, whereas Edtech includes tech which means technology.

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For more such education-related articles, you may also glance through, How is Digital Learning Going to Change Schools and Education

Benefits of Edtech

Following are the advantages of Edtech-

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Wider choice of material

You have a wide range of possibilities from which you can select the best learning technologies that you need for educational learning. You gain the appropriate skills and knowledge through this, enabling you to excel as a professional in your field of choice.

Fun learning way

You must not only learn but also enjoy yourself while doing it. You have the chance to have fun while learning with the help of educational technology. It will also keep you motivated and enthusiastic about your studies.

Learning new skills

Learning should be able to enjoy both gaining new knowledge and new skills., which are two extremely important components of life. You can build these skills and your knowledge through a variety of online programs available.

Improve communication skills

As effective communication is crucial, if you communicate more successfully using technology you can do better in the classroom and at business as well.


Edtech platforms allow you to study online from anywhere and at any time. You do not need to have a fixed time for taking up your classes as you did in a traditional classroom setup. With the help of these platforms, you can easily learn new skills or gain knowledge whenever you want.

Drawbacks of Edtech

Following are the disadvantages of Edtech-

Wrong information

Websites are becoming more concerned with improving their rank on google than with actually offering the information you are looking for. Even if the content is inaccurate, many websites will post false information to increase traffic. Due to it, you may get wrong or false information.

Increase the level of cheating

Students are now more difficult to catch up on cheating on tests or exams. As a result, many students graduate with their degrees while getting away with them. Despite not having the required academic knowledge they end up becoming true professionals in their fields.

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Require technology awareness

Although in current times everyone knows how to use technology, there may be some students, teachers, or parents who are not aware of the technology. Maybe your school asks you to install software that you are also not aware of.

It May need more time

When you are using the technology, it will need power backup, internet, etc. Thus you will need to start preparing for your class at least 15 before the actual class begins. Also when you are using Edtech platforms for taking up online classes, your teacher may ask you to turn on your camera. You will need to set up your camera. This will also take your time.

Low motivations

The biggest drawback that is seen is that students are not that motivated to learn. They have become lazy in such a manner that they are not even eager to attend class with attention. Many students in their classes turn off their cameras and start sleeping.

What is an example of Educational technology

As discussed above, educational technology or Edtech is the technology by which you can support E-learning. Thus, any technology that helps to support online learning is an example of educational technology. Some of the common examples of educational technology are given below-

  • Video-conferencing platforms: They help you to connect with your teachers.
  • Online learning Platforms: Platforms that provide you with different courses to learn some skills.
  • Asynchronous Learning: In this type of learning you will not be getting the classes live but you will get the recorded lectures or study material to learn from.
  • Blend learning: This includes studying the courses with a mixed form of asynchronous and live-on classes.
  • Hybrid learning: This type of study will allow you to either take classes in person or study remotely via online mode.
  • Webinars: You need to use video conferencing applications to attend an online webinar. Thus it is also an example of Edtech.
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Edtech is the way to support online learning. It refers to the technology that you are using to learn online. Edtech is one of the growing industries. Every school or educational institution is using Edtech in one or another way. It is one of the most important in the current way of learning. You can study from wherever you want and whenever you want. This is a fun way of learning new skills. Though it also has some disadvantages as it may give rise to cheating or some students have stopped taking online classes seriously.

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