What is the thinnest film for which this can occur [Solved]

A thin film of MgF2 (n = 1.38) coats a piece of glass. Constructive interference is observed for the reflection of light with wavelengths of 450 nm and 563 nm .

n for glass is about 1.5
so the light undergoes a phase shift at both the top and bottom surfaces of the film
this means that we need a full wavelength path difference for constructive interference
since the light travels down and back up we need a film which is a whole number multiple of half wavelengths
now (450/2)*(563/2) = 63337.5
and 225 goes into that 218.5 times so we need twice that length to get a whole number multiple or 126675 nm
which is 126.675 micrometer
round appropriately

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