What sections are on the MCAT [Solved]

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What is MCAT

For more than 90 years, medical schools have utilized the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), a multiple-choice, computer-based exam for admitting medical students. Each year, this test is taken by more than 85,000 students. MCAT results are commonly accepted by many colleges and graduate programs in the healthcare profession. MCAT scores are also required for numerous medical schools in Canada and almost all in the United States. The MCAT exam evaluates the skills and knowledge that residents, medical students, and educators must possess. Overall, we can state that the MCAT is a requirement for admission to medical school.

What sections are on the MCAT

4 different sections are examined during the MCAT examination-

Chemical and Physical Foundation of Biological Systems

This section will test your basic Physical as well as Biological science. There are 59 questions that you need to finish within 95 minutes. Therefore you must have the knowledge of basic Chemistry and Physical fundamentals related to your body. In this section, your knowledge about subjects including Biochemistry, Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physics is checked.

For more education-related articles, you may also refer to, How long does the MCAT take

Critical analysis and reasoning skills

In this section, you will need to complete the 53 questions within 90 minutes. This section tests your critical analysis in the scenarios related to humanities and social sciences. You do not need to have specific information on this subject. Questions can be expected in this section based on the subjects including sociology, psychology, ethics, etc.

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Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems

You will have to take 59 questions within 95 minutes. In this section, your knowledge about subjects including Biochemistry, Biology, General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry is checked. You will show your knowledge of the basic processes of living like growth, reproduction, cell system, etc.

Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior

There are a total of 59 questions in this section as well for which you again get 95 minutes. This section tests your knowledge of Biology, Psychology, and Sociology. It helps to determine your ability to analyze the statistical as well as research principles in the living behavior of a healthy nature.

What time should you arrive at the MCAT

It is generally advised to arrive at least 30-40 minutes earlier than your time of examination. This is important so that you can check in properly and make yourself comfortable before sitting up in the examination room. Also, you should know that if you get to the center after the given time, you may not be allowed to enter the examination room. Therefore, you must aim to reach the venue earlier than the given time.

How much does the MCAT cost

The registration fee for the MCAT examination is about $325. This only covers your exam fee and the distribution fee. It does not cover any other expenses such as expenses based on accommodation, traveling, books related to it, etc.

What if you cant afford the registration fees

There may be students for whom the registration fee may be a barrier to applying to medical schools. AAMC provides a fee assistance program to students who are financially backward. There are some criteria that you may need to meet up. If you meet these criteria, not only will the registration fee be decreased for you but you will also get some extra benefits like free preparation resources.

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What is a good MCAT score

To get into a good medical school, it is extremely important to get a good MCAT score. This is one of the factors that will determine your acceptance of you into medical school. The highest possible score on MCAT is around 528. You can get between 118-132 for each section. On average a good MCAT score is considered 511-515.

Why is it important to score well on MCAT

It is very important to score well on MCAT in addition to maintaining your GPA. This acts as an extra benefit in your application process. Suppose another candidate has the same GPA as yours but less MCAT score, your application will be given preference over him. Similarly in a situation where you have a less GPA, you can balance it by getting a high MCAT score.

When must you take up the MCAT exam

There are 25 dates available within the time of January to September. You must try to take up the test as early as possible before the AMCAS application submission. This is because as soon as you will take up your exam, sooner you can submit your AMCAS application. Also, it will help you to know what type of questions you can expect in the examination. This will give you time to prepare for the next MCAT if you wish to take it.

How long does MCAT take

This is one of the lengthiest competitive exams. There are 230 questions that you need to complete in 6 hours and 15 minutes. Though you need to sit in the examination hall for more than 7 hours which also includes breaks and optional timings.

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MCAT is a multiple choice examination, in which your knowledge related to various sections is evaluated. This test is a factor for getting into the medical school of your choice. It is taken over by 85,000(approximately) students each year. The result of it is commonly accepted in several medical schools. Therefore, you must prepare well to get a high score so that your chances to get into medical school become higher.

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