What should i expect for a Toys r us orientation [Solved]

I obtained referred to as for an orientation tomorrow at toysrus and what ought to i count on from the orientation is there going to be an entire bunch of different folks there do ive to carry my credentials with me like social safety card, highschool diploma This will likely be my first job hopefully

Properly, when i had my orientation at walmart two summers in the past it was me and 4 different folks. We needed to carry our financial institution statements for pay and our sincard.
I dont suppose you would want a diploma. Ive obtained an interview tomorrow at one other retailer so i assume i is likely to be having an orientation quickly too lol,
however mine was very lengthy like 8 hours however i dont suppose your can be that lengthy. principally they inform you about your job, get to know guidelines and expectaions of firm, little coaching then go dwelling, oh and u get your schedule and discover out ur pay.

Extra particulars required

Extra particulars required

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