Whats the central argument Paine presents and its two claims [Solved]

For starters I might like to start out by saying, Ive already taken the take a look at, and the primary possibility is a special query to the one requested, so should you do have the query the consumer requested beforehand, please take a look at the individuals reply above me. The primary possibility; Learn the passage.
In his pamphlet Frequent Sense, revealed in January, 1776, Thomas Paine used the on a regular basis language of the colonists to specific his emotions about Nice Britain.
excerpt from Frequent Sense by Thomas Paine
As to authorities issues, its not within the powers of Britain to do that continent justice: The enterprise of itll quickly be too weighty, and complex, to be managed with any tolerable diploma of comfort, by an influence so distant from us, and so very unaware of us; for if they cant conquer us, they cant govern us. To be all the time operating three or 4 thousand miles with a story or a petition, ready 4 or 5 months for a solution, which when obtained requires 5 6 extra to clarify it in, will in a couple of years be appeared upon as folly and childishnessthere was a time when it was correct, and theres a correct time for it to stop. Drag the central argument Paine presents and its two claims to finish the chart. The proper reply was 1. Argument: Britain is unable to correctly govern America. 2. Claims: The gap from England to America is simply too far for England to correctly govern America.