Which elements are distinct to drama and not typically found in other written stories [Solved]

Which parts are distinct to drama and never sometimes present in different written tales

Plot, setting, and theme might be present in all literary genres, so script and solid could be distinct to dramas.

1. learn the next excerpt from franklin d. roosevelts fireplace chat 19: on the opposite facet of the image, we should be taught additionally to know that guerilla warfare towards the germans in, allow us to say serbia or norway, us; {that a} profitable russian offensive towards the germans us; and that british successes on land or sea in any a part of the world strengthen our palms. bear in mind at all times that germany and italy, no matter any formal declaration of warfare, contemplate themselves at warfare with the usa at this second simply as a lot as they contemplate themselves at warfare with britain or russia. and germany places all the opposite republics of the americas into the identical class of enemies. the individuals of our sister republics of this hemisphere might be honored by that truth. the true purpose we search is much above and past the ugly discipline of battle. once we resort to drive, as now we should, were decided that this drive shall be directed towards final good in addition to towards quick evil. we individuals will not be destroyers were builders. analyze the effectiveness of this excerpt. how does it operate inside the speech as an entire how does the construction of the excerpt to convey the speechs goal and key factors assist your argument with proof from the speech. (10 factors)

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