Which equation implies that A and B are independent events [Solved]

If A and B are independent events, that means the likelihood of one event happening is independent of the other event happening. The outcomes do not depend on each other and are unaffected by the other outcome.
For example:
A = rolling a die and getting a 2
B = flipping a coin and getting heads
These events are independent because whatever you roll on the die doesnt affect what might happen with the coin toss.
With independent events, the probability of both events happening is simply the product.
P(A and B) = P(A) x P(B)
P(A) = 1/6 <-- rolling a 2 P(B) = 1/2 <-- flipping heads P(A and B) = 1/6 x 1/2 = 1/12 <-- rolling a 2 and flipping heads Answer: #4

The 4th eqn

P(A and B) = P(A) x P(B)

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