Which is correct: special thanks go to or special thanks goes to [Solved]

It can be tough to know when to use the former phrase, special thanks go to, and when to use the latter, special thanks goes to. Heres a guide to help you decide which is right for your text.

Special thanks go to vs. Special thanks goes to

Special thanks go to is commonly used in formal writing, while special thanks goes to is more often seen in less formal contexts. Both phrases are correct, but there is a difference in tone that may be important to consider. Special thanks goes to can be seen as more polite and formal, while special thanks goes to implies that the person doing the thanking really means it. For example, if someone sends you a thank-you card with special thanks go to your parents on the front, it would be considered more polite than if they simply wrote thank you on the front and left their parents off the list.

When to use each phrase

Special thanks go to is the more formal of the two phrases. Its used when someone other than the speaker is thanked, such as in a speech. Special thanks goes to is less formal and can be used when the speaker is thanked as well.


There are two different phrases that can be used to start a sentence with special thanks go to: special thanks go to and special thanks goes to. The first phrase is more formal, while the second is less formal.


Which is correct: special thanks go to or special thanks goes to

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The two phrases are both correct. They mean the same thing and are used interchangeably.

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