Why do you hate College and what to do [Solved]

Why do you hate College and what to do If you also do not like to go to college then in this article we will let you know some ways to change that. Here are some reasons why you may also hate college and what you should do

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Is it normal to hate college

Every student is different and everyone has different expectations. You may want an environment that is more related to social interactions. But the other student may want a more academic environment. There are always some chances of not getting the things you wanted. As a consequence, you may start hating your college. Therefore, yes it is normal to hate your college. However, this doesnt mean that you should quit college. You must try at least as trying may help to get fit into college.

Why do you hate College and what to do

There are many reasons to hate college. There are easy steps that you should follow if you have also started hating your college, all of these are stated below

Why do you hate college

There are many reasons to hate college. But the major 5 reasons why most the students hate the college are listed below-

Classes are boring

As a college student, you may have very little choice to choose the course according to your interest. Due to it, you may have to study a subject which you may not like. When you have to study a subject in which you have zero interest, then your classes become boring.

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Getting knowledge online

The biggest change in our education system that has occurred is getting most of the knowledge online. You do not have to stand back for your professors to come and teach you. Also sometimes the teaching method of the topic your teacher uses may be different from the online method.

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Missing family and friends

A new atmosphere may result in missing your family and friends. You may feel sad and start hating your college. Try to give yourself some time and stay in touch with your friends. Also, you can plan frequent visits to them to make yourself feel better.

Havent made friends

Many students make friends easily but some students take time to get mixed with other people. Another reason why you may hate college is that you have not made any friends even in the middle of your semester. It becomes difficult when you do not have anyone with whom you can talk, especially when you are away from your home.

Getting low grades

Even when you were in high school, one frustrating thing is getting lower grades. Lower grades are the reason one may feel embarrassing. One of the causes of getting low grades is again the lack of interest in the subject. If you are not interested in a subject, you may not get high grades.

What to do if you hate college

Many students get depressed when they start hating their college. Presently there are easy steps that you should follow if you have also started hating your college-

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Figure out why

The first step is to find out why you have started hating your college. There are various reasons for hating your college. Try to figure it out and then decide what you need to do.

Joining various clubs

You can be saved by joining an excellent club or society. By joining such groups you will meet individuals who share your interests. It will aid you to take your mind off other stressful things in college. Always go somewhere that is related to your hobbies.

Talk to the university councilor

Depression and anxiety are very common in college-going students. Therefore, to deal with it many universities/colleges have appointed counselors to help the students. Counseling services are free for each student. You must understand that it is fine to take help from them.

Change the subject

It is very important to know if you want a career in the field which you originally chose or not. Sometimes you simply hate college because you do not have an interest in the subject you choose. Therefore it is not the college but the subject that you hate. The first year of college is the best time to understand and change the subject.

Be honest with your parents

Many students choose their current subject just because of the pressure from their parents. Even if you are very good at academics, you may still not score in the subject taken due to the forcing of your parents. You must talk to them and be honest with them. Discuss the issues and the difficulties you are facing in college with them. Remember parents are always there to help you.

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Years spent in college are probably the top time of your life. But it may become hard when you do not get what you need. There are many causes due to which you may start hating your college. You must try to know what could be the reason and work on it before you quit college.

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