Why does water have an anomalously high boiling point among main-group hydrides [Solved]

Why does water have an anomalously excessive boiling level amongst main-group hydrides

B. Hydrogen bonds are answerable for waters excessive boiling level as hydrogen bonds are actually sturdy dipole-dipole IMFs.

it has not one thing to do with the density. it has to do with the vapor rigidity. positioned purely: at any time, there are water molecules that decide to go away the water and turn into the air, and theres water vapor contained within the air making an attempt to condense once more into the water. each these ensue on an identical pace, and its acknowledged as equilibrium. Now, the warmer the water receives, the extra helpful water must get into the air and evaporate. And the boiling facet is solely that the place every and each of the water should be contained within the air (vapor rigidity= atmospheric rigidity). So now, think about a pot of water (its means so much much less nerve-racking after I even have a chalk board), the outside of the water is solely that: water. but now allows say I put in some salt. allows say I make the reply 5% salt. so for every molecule of water, I even have one NaCl. properly the Na and the Cl- will injury apart into 2 seperate points, making it 5% Na, 5% Cl, and ninety% water (were speaking by strategy of kind of points floating spherical, not by strategy of mass. mass is inappropriate proper right here). Now, concurrently it turn into natural water, water would possibly need to condense from the atmosphere at any facet on the outside, and will need to go away from the pot from any facet on that ground, motive its all water. high but now if the outside is in trouble-free phrases ninety% water, as a result of 10% of thats salt, then water vapor can nonetheless condense all over the place, but liquid water can in trouble-free phrases go away from ninety% of the outside now, so it throws off the equilibrium, lowering the vapor rigidity. as a result of the vapor rigidity for any given temperature is lower, it takes a bigger temperature to make the vapor rigidity equal the atmospheric rigidity and make the liquid boil.

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