write balance molecular ionic equations for aluminum with formic acid,HCOOH,Chromium with hydrobromic acid [Solved]

For the response of aluminum with formic acid.
Molecular equation: 2Al(s) 6HCOOH(aq) 2Al(HCOO)(aq) 3H(g)
Web ionic equation: 2Al(s) 6H(aq) 2Al(aq) 3H(g)

(The components of aluminum formate as (HCOO)Al, however many individuals write it as Al(HCOO).)

For the response of chromium with hydrobromic acid.
Molecular components: 2Cr(s) 6HBr(aq) 2CrBr(aq) 3H(aq)
Web ionic equation: 2Cr(s) 6H(aq) 2Cr(aq) 3H(g)

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