How to Motivate Someone to Study [Solved]

Motivation helps students in keeping their persistence hard work towards studies and also helps them in achieving their goals. Effective study habits and strategies help a lot to everyone in performing better and achieve better results, also one needs time to time motivation to keep up with the hard work. Motivation helps students in keeping … Read more

How to Stay Up All Night on a School Night [Solved]

A night before a regular school day or workday is typically referred to as a school night. A night before the morning on which a student has to get up for school or even an adult uses this term as a waggish reference for a night before a typical hectic workday. Studying late at night … Read more

How to write a TOK Essay [Solved]

TOK essays tend to aim to give information about the nature of knowledge, areas of knowledge, and how to claim knowledge. Usually, the TOK is divided into two parts: 1) The written theoretical part, 2) Oral presentation and explanation of the same. The word count for a TOK Essay is usually between 1200-1600 words in … Read more

How to Utilize Winter Break for Studying [Solved]

First and foremost utilizing the break for taking a break Listing out goals to complete during the break Planing out a study schedule Keeping away from social media Demarcating time zones for friends and family Studying with friends Making the study session filled with fun and enjoyment 1.First and foremost utilizing the break for taking … Read more

How to Have a Study Session With Friends [Solved]

Study sessions with friends can help in discovering various tricks and techniques to observe, learn and understand a subject or a topic in a more descriptive and deeper sense. Study groups with friends can help students in gaining confidence, being affirmative about studies, enjoy the process of studying, formulate rules and perform better in their … Read more

How to learn through Observation [Solved]

One can simply learn many things just by observing others. Every individual one meets knows something different or something new. Social learning or observational learning can lead to two consequences, first is a person observes another person in a certain way and receives a negative result or consequence through which they learn not to behave … Read more

How to study at the Library [Solved]

The library can be an option for some students who are unable to study at home or school. Libraries are a quiet place, also provides additional books regarding almost all subjects. One can also study with friends in study groups at a library or even take a study room if it is available at the … Read more

How to choose the right subjects at School [Solved]

Visualizing the future with that subject choice or the excitement and affirmation one gets just by talking about the subject or even the sparkle one gets just by reading more about that subject are all signs of inclination of a student with the intended subject. Thus these all factors help in choosing the right subject. … Read more

How to become a Quick Learner [Solved]

By doing something repeatedly, one can learn it quickly, so studying consistently can improve the brains capacity to retain information for a longer time. Lack of revision, focus, or occupancy of the brain with some other tasks may also lead to a decrease in the brains capacity to retain information. Hereunder are a few tips … Read more

How to Develop a Passion for Learning [Solved]

Passion for something may develop a positive and affirmative attitude towards anything. It makes a person more positive and ready to learn. Passion fills a person with confidence, zeal, and high energy. It provides a cause to keep learning and working hard towards success. Enjoying the work one does and pursuing passion with hard work … Read more