Crease in uggs how to get it out [Solved]

My cousin gave me these.really cute sequined uggs she wore them like 4 or 5 times and they have that slight crease in the toe area. I lobe them but i want to get the crease out if i stuffed them with socks for a few day would it fix it.

Ball up a thick wad of paper or a towel. Then stuff it into the inside of the shoe around where the crease is on the outside. Leave it in there for like a day or two and the crease should be gone. Or another thing you could do, which I dont think will work with sequined uggs is to put a piece of cloth over the creases and iron on top of the cloth, but dont iron directly on the shoes because that wont ee good.

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This post is last updated on at Date : 1st of September – 2022

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