How do I get to Golbin House in Maplestory [Solved]

Well , you basically do as the quest says.
First it tells you to go to the goblins at the goblin house, they will tell you that they require certain materials (food items).
After they tell you what they need you will need to go to Chil Nam, Chil Sung, and Kong Ji beacuse they are the ones who makes the items
When you are done go and talk to them again (goblins)
They will tell you to go talking to the god of mountains where he will tell you talk to chil sung and he will tell you to defeat the nine tailed fox and collect one of its tails

The Goblin House is located in Korean Folk Town; first you go all the way right (NOTE: Dont go to the portals above you) when youve arrived at the blins/morphed blins (monsters that change into stones when attacked) go to the portal that is above you, the haunted house is located there and the other portal in there is the goblins house (be careful, there are monsters there Lv. 60

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