In Gakuen Alice/Alice Academy which chapter does season 2 start on [Solved]

I finished the anime and want to start reading but I really c at finding spots in mangas. The show ended with Mikan finding out that Hotaru was only moving like across the street or something instead of to another country. Can someone help me find the chapter

the last episodes i think arent in the manga
but i found the anime covers chapters 1-26. So you should start at chapter 27;_ylt=AqmrL
but 22 28 arent translated online
so here are summarries 27 -28

There isnt a second season yet or official news of making one. There are only rumors, and that could just be people mixing up the anime and manga of Gakuen Alice, since the first volume of the manga is being released soon. Im not saying there is never going to be another season, but it already finish airing a couple of years ago. But who knows maybe there will be one, but theres just not any official news of one.

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