Resonating RLC Series Circuit Ranking Task [Solved]

Rank these circuits on the basis of their resonance frequencies.

Let C = the capacitance (in Farads)
Let L = the inductance (in Heneries)
Let f = the frequency (in Hertz)
A series circuit is resonant, when the inductive reactance, Xl, equals the capacitive reactance, Xc:
Xl = 2fL
Xc = 1/2fC
Set them equal and solve for f:
2fL = 1/2fC
f = 1/4LC
f = 1/2{LC}
Remember to convert microFarads to 10^-6 F, when you do the calculations.

just keep in mind, youre usually solving for frequency in terms of rad/s which is given by w= 2f

therefore the equation given to you by Douglas can be written as w = 1/{LC}

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