what is the lewis structure for HClO [Solved]

Ill try to explain this:
H Cl O
There is one single bond seperating the oxygen and the hydrogen and a single bond seperating the chlorine and oxygen. Add two lone electron pairs to Chlorine and two lone electron pairs to Oxygen.
Basically four dots around Chlorine and four dots around Oxygen to satisfy the octet rule because Chlorine and Oxygen both need 8 electrons in their valence shell but Hydrogen only needs 2.
7 6 1 = 14 (valence electrons of each atom)
Add up the total number of electrons around the all atoms and add each single bond as 2 and double bonds as 4. You will get 14, meaning its correct.

Hclo Lewis Structure

Lewis Structure For Hocl

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actually the formal charges are H = 1, Cl = 1 and O = -2 and you picked the wrong central atom O is the most electronegative of this trio so H-O-Cl with two unshared pairs on O (top and bottom) and 3 unshared pairs on Cl (top, bottom and right)

The most electronegative element is the central atom.
doublebond Cl and Oxygen
singlebond Cl and Hydrogen
Hydrogen has no electrons around it.
Chlorine has 4 electrons around it
Oxygen has 4 electrons around it
AX3E2 is VESPR notation

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