What mass of water is needed to dissolve 292.5g of NaCl to produce a 0.25m aqueous solution [Solved]

molality (m) = moles solute / kg solvent
therefore kg solvent = moles solute / molality
moles = mass / molar mass
moles NaCl = 292.5 g / 58.44 g/mol
= 5.005 moles NaCl
kg solvent = 5.005 mol / 0.25 m
= 20.0 kg

0.25 m ability 0.25 mol NaCl in a million kg of water. First, convert the mass of NaCl into moles by utilising dividing by utilising the molar mass of NaCl. Then, in case you divide that style of moles by utilising 0.25 mol/kg, your answer could be the mass of water (in kg) which you need to offer the 0.25 m answer.

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